CUS Sustainability is a service under the Commerce Undergraduate Society (CUS). As a professional organization, we aim to connect students passionate about sustainability with professionals that have incorporated sustainability into their personal and professional lives. Furthermore, through our events and workshops, we want to educate students about what it means to be sustainable. Thereby, breaking the stereotype that sustainability is just "green" and introducing students towards other branches of sustainability: social and economical. Our goal is to ensure that students graduating from the Sauder School of Business and UBC are more environmentally aware (the environment including the people and economy around us). We want to promote and encourage the importances of being sustainable today and considering the long term implications of our actions. CUS Sustainability intends to educate and connect the future business leaders to the ever-growing opportunities within the global markets. By connecting students with other students and professionals, we aim to inspire students and encourage them to incorporate sustainability wherever they work in the future.

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CUS Sustainability is Hiring!

Are you interested in becoming the “sustainability face of Sauder”? Intrigued by the growing “green” business segment? Looking to be more involved? CUS Sustainability is looking for strong candidates like you for its 2015/2016 team! CUS Sustainability strives to increase the understanding of, commitment to, and practice of sustainability within the Sauder community. The annual Chasing Sustainability […]

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Socially Responsible Investing 101

Socially Responsible Investing 101 is an annual workshop hosted by CUS Sustainability, where finance experts are brought in to discuss the importance and impact of fusing investing with good social causes. Food will be provided, and there will be a Q&A session plus networking opportunities with our speakers. Reserve your spot: http://goo.gl/forms/Sz1J4lWijd This year, we have […]

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Hungry 4 Change 2015: From Rations to Riches

The Oxfam Hunger Banquet is a dramatization of the inequitable distribution of food and resources in today’s world. Each guest draws a ticket randomly assigning them to the high-, middle-, or low-income tier, and is served a corresponding meal. 10 percent will be in the high-income tier, 30 percent in the middle-income tier and the […]

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