Melissa DeLucchi

Hi there! My name is Melissa DeLucchi and I’m delighted to be Co-Directing CUS Sustainability in its second year of operation. I’m a third year Finance and Sustainability student and was also the Marketing Director of the committee last year. Watching the committee take its inaugural steps in creating the Chasing Sustainability conference, proposing the Business and Sustainability academic concentration, and establishing an identity at Sauder has been truly rewarding, and I look forward to continuing the growth of this relevant and exciting initiative!

My passion for issues relating to sustainability and social equity originally stemmed from my love of marine ecology back in elementary school (I used to tell people I wanted to be a dolphin trainer). In high school, I became more interested in the effects of globalization and the world economy. It was there that I also initiated my school’s first Earth Day awareness day/bottle drive. However, the spark really caught fire in university; first when I read the book “The Omnivore’s Dilemma” and second when I joined CUS Sustainability last year. By being around such amazing and dedicated students and staff, and reading the works of Michael Pollan and Paul Hawken, for example, I realized how critical it was for me to expand my knowledge of how sustainability can be affected and enhanced by the corporate world.

My hope for our committee this year is that we can inspire and demonstrate the importance of a co-existence of commerce and a sustained ecological system. In my opinion, this should be knowledge that every student entering the business world is equipped with. Being aware of our surroundings and staying accountable for our business practices will make us all the better people on a whole, and, most importantly, ensure a future for generations.

Jennifer Matchett

Hi! I’m Jen, Your fearless sustainability leader (aka the smaller version of the dynamic duo)! I’m a third year Marketing student working towards a minor in Political Science and a concentration in Sustainability. I was a member of CUS Sustainability in it’s first year of operation last year, and I am very excited to be leading, along with a great team of students, one of the most important initiatives within Sauder!

I was born and raised in the Yukon, which is where my passion for the environment originally developed. Growing up in such a remote, untouched, wilderness made it hard to believe that our environment and resources were under stress. However, northern climates are inevitably reacting to the effects of climate change, which has become increasingly apparent in dramatically changing weather patterns, and eco-systems. My interest surrounding issues of sustainability has developed further into a genuine curiosity about global economic systems and their relation to ecological success and failure.

As the Co-Director of this year’s committee, I am extremely excited about our accomplishments thus far (the implementation of the Sustainability concentration within Sauder), as well as our initiatives going forward. I truly believe we have the opportunity to inspire real change in the business world by educating Sauder students about the importance of incorporating sustainability into their personal and professional lives. As future business leaders we have the chance to challenge the status quo and shift the business paradigm so as to ensure a sustainable and equitable global future!

Trevor Wheatley
External Director

I’m a fourth year accounting student with a fledgling interest in green strategy and sustainability. I love to meet new people which is why I have found myself in the role of External Director for CUS Sustainability (congratulations on visiting our site by the way!). I grew up in North Vancouver and have grown to have great appreciation for nature and the outdoors – it is through this connection that I find my motivation to learn more about sustainability. And as an accounting student and aspiring consultant I find the business case for sustainability to be a compelling one. On a more personal note I love to play golf, occasionally play with my guitar, cycle in the summer, and hit the beach whenever possible. I’m always looking to meet new people with an interest in sustainability so feel free to fire me an email or stop me in the halls if you see me.

Grace Wong
Academic Director

Hi there! My name is Grace and I am very excited to be a part of CUS Sustainability this year. As a second year commerce student, I got involved with this committee as the Academic Director because I am very interested in business and sustainable development. I love working with others to bring forth new learning experiences because I am a strong supporter of interdisciplinary studies. For myself, I plan to pursue the Sustainability Concentration to complement my BCom degree. My other passions include dragonboating, learning languages, and traveling – I would like to visit Hong Kong, New Zealand, and Korea, perhaps through exchange. With such a diversity of interests, I hope taking part of CUS Sustainability will foster my growth in my academic and professional endeavours.

Cindy Hsu
Finance Director

Cindy is a third year student in the option of Finance. Though she’s still a newbie to the ideas of sustainability, she’s quite excited to be part of the team. Cindy first found out about Sustainability when she was doing her English 112 readings and she has been living green ever since. On regular school days, you’d either find her working away with her little white lap top or zipping back and forth between Henry Angus and the Music Building with her flute.

Kendra Roberts
Internal Director

Hi! My name’s Kendra and I’m a second year commerce student. Although I’m not what you would call ‘outdoorsy’, I love kayaking and swimming during the summer, and snowboarding during the winter. I’ve always been interested in sustainability because of my Dad. He definitely got my obsessed with buying organic products and we’ve both been trying to teach ourselves how to live more green in the past couple years. Now that I’m at UBC, I’m so excited to be a part of something like CUS Sustainability, where I can learn even more about being sustainable, and also encourage and help others to do the same.

Kiel Yu
Marketing Director

Hi all! My name is Kiel and I am currently on my 2nd year pursuing an Accounting option and concentrations in Sustainability and International Business. As the current Marketing Director of CUS Sustainability, I am responsible in ensuring that our cause gets heard by you! I – as well as the whole team – am very excited with all the various events that we have in store for you this year.

I grew up in the Philippines and moved here to Canada four years ago. Living in the Philippines for more than 15 years has allowed me to see the effects of human impact on the environment. However, there are still so many places in the country that are still very beautiful. Similarly, one of the things that I really love about Canada is the fresh air and the beauty of its natural resources. This stimulated my passion for sustainability. I wanted to help and make a positive difference and to ensure a better future for the next generation. There is a great need for individuals to be aware of – to take care of the environment. The more I learned about corporate social responsibility and ethical leadership, the more I am amazed of what impact individuals and organizations can do to make a world a better place.

In my spare time, my hobbies include cooking, traveling, track and field, and singing. If you see around campus, don’t hesitate to say hi!

Alycia Wong
Chasing Sustainability Chair

Born in California but raised in Vancouver, Alycia is no newcomer to the laid back West Coast vibe. As a third year specializing in Marketing, she hopes to grapple the film industry, whether it be the production side or marketing end – she just loves to entertain and by all means, share the love with the rest of society. Sustainability is on her mind not just in terms of wanting to promote a just cause, but to raise awareness for individuals to begin thinking differently about how their actions have consequences. She wants to see a particular shift in the film industry, in realizing that sustainable solutions do exist and blowing up entire sets for shock-value is not necessarily the only viable option. Aside from Academics and Sustainability, Alycia is a Professional Dancer that has been involved with Rococo Cabaret and has danced for the likes of Damien Rice and Michael Bublé. Her 15-year passion has taught her the discipline, patience and dedication necessary to facilitate any job completion and looks forward to making the year ahead an unforgettable one with CUS Sustainability.

Brian Marshall
Corporate Relations Director

Hi, my name is Brian Marshall, and I am excited to be part of the Commerce Underground Society Sustainability Committee as the Corporate Relations Director.