Dear Visitor,

Thank you for your interest in CUS Sustainability. We are a group of Bachelor of Commerce students addressing one of the most pressing issues of our generation. However, we see that the relationship between industries and environmental and social equity can be a positive one – if corporations commit to doing the right thing.

Our committee is a service of the Commerce Undergraduate Society and has been running since 2007. In 2016-17, we will continue the pursuit of our vision to completely fill the void of business sustainability knowledge and action. We hope that every student within the Sauder School of Business and others who hear about us take our mission to heart, and make decisions in their careers that make sense for the triple bottom line. We will attempt to reach our goals by hosting fun and educational events; working closely with the Sauder School of Business; connecting students with inspiring business professionals; and by making the topic of sustainability relevant to any student.

No one should ever forget that we have only one planet and 7.3 billion persons that inhabit it. The only way that businesses and mankind can thrive is to work together and be mindful of our actions. With your support and input, CUS Sustainability will push students to become active citizens in the global movement towards environmental sustainability.