Provide opportunities for Sauder students to educate themselves on what sustainability means in the context of business. Motivate students to integrate sustainability into their professional and personal lives. Use the CUS as a model for how sustainability can be implemented into the operations and strategic thinking of an organization.”


Overall, our committee wishes to fill the sustainability void within the CUS and ultimately within society. We hope to accomplish this by fostering and developing an understanding of sustainability among Sauder students as they transform into tomorrow’s business leaders.



Rosie Pidcock (CUS Sustainability founder) organized and facilitated the first Chasing Sustainability speaker session as an initiative under the Commerce Community Program. It began as a simple evening speaker session.


CUS Sustainability is officially created! In it’s first year of existence CUS Sustainability establishes an identity and puts on 2 major events; Walk the Green Carpet, and Chasing Sustainability (which had turned into a full day interactive conference). CUS Sustainability Director begins the initial planning of an academic concentration in sustainable business. This concentration proposal is presented to the UGO.


CUS Sustainability goes on into its 2nd year with many innovative and inspiring events planned. The Business and Sustainability academic concentration is approved by the UGO and is set to be launched in January 2010.


The Sauder School of Business approves and launches the sustainability education stream. A huge product from our collaboration with our faculty!


Chasing Sustainability is hosted off-campus for the first time – at Four Seasons Hotel in Downtown Vancouver. This year, we host Socially Responsible Investing for the first time!


Chasing Sustainability welcomes approximately 130 attendees, speakers and booth hosts. The largest crowd to date!

2014 and beyond

[to be continued…]