Congratulations to this year’s winner: The Commerce Mentorship Program!



CUS Sustainability presents the Green Award annually to a CUS-affiliated club or event that has made significant efforts towards sustainability leadership. This is a separate program from the Green Seal.

Past winners:


In order to qualify for this award, applicants must:

  • be a CUS event or affiliated club under the CUS Service Council
  • meet as many of the criteria listed as possible.

Note: not all of the following criteria needs to be met to win this award, and there may be some items we have missed. Whichever group can provide the best argument for why their club or event is the greenest, wins!



  • Uses social media to advertise
  • Gives away sustainably-sourced, quality swag as much as possible
  • Paper use reduction plan

Waste management

  • Provides recycling for paper and plastics
  • Reuses materials from past event, or materials purchased for re-use at future event
  • Sustainable and minimal speaker gifts

Catering (if applicable)

  • Provides compost bins
  • Catering service uses local or organic ingredients
  • Uses reusable or biodegradable cutlery, dish ware


  • Event includes discussion on sustainability (social, environmental, and/or economic)
  • Draws attention to event or club’s sustainability initiatives (if applicable)